Transition Blinds

Transition Blinds Transition Blinds Transition blinds allow the freedom to control light and privacy in your home with the dual layer functionality. They combine two Pleated fabrics in one frame, letting you mix and match colours. Also avalable in thermal and blackout options. What are Transition blinds? Transition blinds allow you to choose two different […]

Pleated Blinds

Pleated Blinds Pleated Blinds Our made-to-measure Pleated blinds are available in a range of performance options including heat-retaining thermal fabrics, and solar reflective finishes. Discover the range and make an in-home appointment with your local advisor

Skylight Blinds

Skylight Blinds Skylight Blinds We make Roller, Pleated and Venetian blinds to fit most brands of Skylight windows. Your local advisor will give you specific advice regarding your Skylight window blind at your in-home appointment.  

Top-down, Bottom-up Blinds

Top-down, Bottom-up BlindsTop-down, Bottom-up blinds offer ultimate flexibility Top-down, Bottom-up Blinds Top-down, Bottom-up blinds offer ultimate flexibility since you can choose where these clever Pleated blinds sit in your window. Choose performance finishes including Blackout or Thermal. What are Top Down Bottom Up Blinds? Top-Down, Bottom-Up blinds are fully adjustable to suit your changing light […]

Day & Night Enlight Blinds

Day & Night Enlight BlindsInnovative range of blackout fabrics and linings to reduce the light entering a room Day & Night Blinds With alternating strips of dimout and sheer fabric allows you to either enjoy absolute privacy and reduced light levels in a room. Operated much like Roller blinds but translucent and opaque horizontal stripes […]

Blackout Blinds

Blackout BlindsInnovative range of blackout fabrics and linings to reduce the light entering a room Blackout Blinds A great option for bedrooms and other rooms around the house where blocking light is important.Choose from an extensive range of blackout linings and fabrics to help create the perfect environment for you to sleep in. There are […]

Venetian Blinds

Venetian BlindsA versatile choice, they provide a great combination of privacy and light control Venetian Blinds Venetian Blinds are often a great choice in a variety of applications simply because you still get clean lines and a stylish feel, but retain the ability to control the light coming into a room. They are very light […]

Wooden Blinds

Wooden BlindsAdd a touch of luxury and natural warmth to your windows Wooden Blinds Customers appreciate the natural appearance that Wooden Blinds offer to their home and because of this they are actually the second most popular selling blind.Choose wooden Venetian blinds for a stylish and flexible way to provide a natural and warm look […]

Vertical Blinds

Vertical BlindsPerfect solution for larger windows and doors, a good way to filter light into your room Vertical Blinds Vertical Blinds are really effective when you are looking to cover a large opening as they are a very functional window covering. They are also very economical. They make terrific side blinds for a conservatory and […]

Roman Blinds

Roman BlindsAdd a touch of luxury to your windows with fully-lined roman blinds Roman Blinds Roman blinds are perhaps the next big thing in the blind market place. They come in a huge variety of textures, colours and patterns meaning there is a roman blind for every room in the house. So whatever your specifications, […]