Solid Shutters

Solid ShuttersPerfect for adding extra insulation to your home without compromising style Solid Shutters Perfect for adding extra insulation to your home without compromising style, solid shutters are a refined and elegant choice for any style of home or window. Shutter shades to match any interior with our stunning colour options

Tracked Shutters

Tracked ShuttersPerfect for wider windows like patios and bi-fold doors Tracked Shutters Struggling to dress a patio window? Try tracked shutters. Turn a problem window into a stunning feature with gliding tracked shutters. Perfect for wider windows like patios and bi-fold doors our shutters can glide along with ease on specially made track runners, perfect […]

Tier-on-tier Shutters

Tier-on-tier ShuttersA neat way of dressing windows Tier-on-tier Shutters Tier on Tier Plantation Shutters are a neat way of dressing windows, particularly on period properties with traditional sash style windows. Similar to the old fashioned saloon doors, Tier-on-Tier offers a separate top tier that opens independently from the bottom. Tier-on-Tier also offers great protection against […]

Full Height Shutters

Full Height ShuttersA superior and luxurious aesthetic to the home Full Height Shutters A classic style with louver doors or solid panels that cover your window from top to bottom. Full height shutters deliver a superior and luxurious aesthetic to the home. The louvers can be adjusted to suit your exact needs, offering daylight filtering […]

Cafe Style Shutters

Café-Style ShuttersEnjoy the privacy of shutters whilst still experiencing sunlight Café-Style Shutters Café style shutters cover only part of the window and give a touch of elegance and versatility to your windows. This chic design gives you the opportunity to enjoy the privacy of these shutters whilst still allowing sunlight into the room. This shutter […]

Shaped Window Shutters

Shaped Window ShuttersPerfect for dressing the most difficult windows Bay Window Shutters We have become accustomed to measuring and installing countless bay windows for Shutter Blinds. All different types of bays, Bowed (curved) windows, Box Bays, Semi-hexagonal and Semi-octagonal have become a bit of a specialty for us as we cover a large geographical area […]